Latest Sermons at Farnham Vineyard

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June 2014

(15th) - Guy Pritchard "are you greedy" [thaudio href=''][/thaudio]

May 2014

(18th) - Beth Kent "anointed with perfume" [thaudio href=''][/thaudio]

(11th) Chris Oldroyd "Opportunities"

[thaudio href='']Chris [/thaudio]

April 2014

(27th)Unity and Service - Claire Davis - Eph 4

[thaudio href='']Claire Davis [/thaudio]  

March 2014

(30th)His Church, His presence & His worship - Chris Kent

[thaudio href='']Chris Kent [/thaudio]

(23rd)Parable of the Strong Man - Guy Pritchard

[thaudio href='']Guy Pritchard [/thaudio]

(16th)Running at Fear - Nathan Ayrton

[thaudio href='']Nathan Ayrton [/thaudio]

February 2014

(9th)Consecrate Yourselves - Guy Pritchard

[thaudio href='']Guy Pritchard [/thaudio]

January 2014

(19th)When the Kingdom Comes - Guy Pritchard

[thaudio href='']Guy Pritchard [/thaudio]

(12th)The mystery of the kingdom - Guy Pritchard

[thaudio href='']Guy Pritchard [/thaudio]  

December 2013


Church Extinction? - Guy Pritchard

[thaudio href='']Guy Pritchard [/thaudio] Guy Pritchard. Matt 16:13-20, Luke 15:1-7, Acts 13:36, Psalm 71:18 [/one_third]  

Untitled - Claire Davis

[thaudio href='']Claire Davis[/thaudio] November 17th 2013  

The Lord's Prayer - Esther Pritchard

[thaudio href='']The Lords Prayer [/thaudio]Esther Pritchard 10th November 2013 [clear]

October 2013


27th Oct Chris Kent

[thaudio href='']Guy Pritchard [/thaudio] Chris Kent [/one_third] [one_third]

13th Oct Guy Pritchard - Kingdom Of God

[thaudio href='']Guy Pritchard[/thaudio] Kingdom of God[/one_third] [one_third last=last]

29th Sept Guy Pritchard

[thaudio href='']Guy Pritchard[/thaudio]Guy Pritchard[/one_third] [clear]

September 2013


22nd Sept - Nathan Ayrton

[thaudio href='']Nathan Ayrton[/thaudio] 22nd Sept 2013 [/one_third] [one_third]

15th Sept - Guy Pritchard - Hope

[thaudio href='']Guy Pritchard[/thaudio] 15th Sept 2013[/one_third] [one_third last=last]

8th Sept - Alistair Forman - They also serve, who only stand and wait

[thaudio href='']They also serve, who only stand and wait [/thaudio]Alistair Forman[/one_third] [clear]