At Farnham Vineyard we are a church of Small Groups, not a church with small groups.

Our Small Groups are the heartbeat of Farnham Vineyard. They are a safe place to belong and grow in your faith. As we can not meet physically, our Small Groups meet virtually online using ZOOM. During this time they are a space for care, encouragement and prayer.

We understand that as Christians, we are people of faith, but what does faith look like in a global crisis?  How do we grapple with the reality of lockdown and all that entails, whilst being people of God?

This next small group series has been created by our friends at Sutton Vineyard, to give us clarity and identity as God’s people, during times of tension and uncertainty.  We hope you will join us as we look at 9 big ideas from scripture and have ‘Powerful Conversations’ together.

In addition to this series we have a group, Scripture Insurgency, which will be encouraging us to understand the Bible better so that we can grow in our faith.

How will this work in lockdown?

In order to be able to have small groups we are going to have to make some big adjustments as meeting together physically is sadly not currently an option. So, we are going to trial a platform called Zoom, that enables us to meet virtually, as a group. If you have a camera on your laptop or device then you will be able to see the other members of the group and join in with the conversation, however, you can also join in by phone, if you prefer. All the instructions will be in the email you receive from your Small Group host.

We will be following the same study across a number of groups to encourage our sense of unity and connectedness.

This invitation is open to friends and neighbours too. If you know of someone who is asking questions on faith, fearful or anxious, why not personally invite them to join your group.

Please sign up to one of the groups listed below, we have day time and evening options. Please, please get in contact if you haven’t been able to sign up for any reason or all the groups are full.