Embassy (11 – 15 years)

The youth group meets each Sunday to worship, pray and read the bible and mid week every fortnight for social, sport and games. Regularly through the term we meet for longer activities or days away, mixing social and fun with times to think more about what we experience on a Sunday. Recent trips have been to Soul Survivor, a weekend away camping, a day of adventuring in the woods and one day youth festivals on the south coast.

We meet every other Thursday from 7:00pm until 8:30pm and each Sunday during the service. For details of the term card please email the church office.

Older Youth (14-18 years)

Older Youth is beginning to meet a few times a term to meet the growing number of older teens in the congregation, with a focus on mentoring, hanging out and doing things at a slower pace than at Embassy!


Ben and Lizzie have lived near Farnham since getting married. They love being outdoors, being active, running in the rain and being adventurous. They are most excited about seeing people get to know Jesus and to see Jesus changing the lives of the people they know.

The most significant life lesson they have been working on with the Youth to date is learning how to navigate at night using only the stars.