Meet our team

Guy and Esther Pritchard

Senior Pastors

Guy and Esther got married in 2003 and have four beautiful children. They have been worshipping at Farnham Vineyard for many years now and were commissioned as Senior Pastors in January 2014

Guy loves all sports, especially football. He also loves growing vegetables and chopping up wood with his chainsaw. Esther is the creative one and loves fabrics, baking and hanging up ornaments in the house that clutter the place up.

Jo Scougall

Children’s Pastor and Church Administrator

Jo is married to Douglas and they have two lovely, and very energetic boys. They have been coming to Farnham Vineyard since 2008. She loves long walks in the country, being cosy in front of an open fire at home and drinking lots of tea.

Our Trustees

Farnham Vineyard, legally speaking, is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee. The Trustees are both company directors and essentially trustees of a charitable organisation.

Phil Rush


Phil is married to Tanya with two grown-up sons. He’s been at FV for approaching 20 years. As well as serving as a Trustee he plays and sings with the FV worship bands.

Having worked in IT for large corporates for more than 30 years he took redundancy in 2018 and is now working for a Christian charity based in Aldershot.

David Rodgett


David has faithfully served Farnham Vineyard for well over 10 years. If you’ve visited the church, the chances are you met David on the door. He really knows how to practise the gift of hospitality and is always looking out for others. David loves classic whodunit TV dramas like Foyles war & Midsomer Murders and will happily watch the same episode again & again, despite knowing the outcome.

Claire Davis


Claire is married to Richard and they have two children. They joined the church over 20 years ago and have been heavily involved ever since, serving in many capacities.

Andre Astovasadourian


André started attending Farnham Vineyard the day Guy and Esther first served as senior pastors. He’s deeply connected to his spiritual family. Married to Jennifer they have big dreams that only God can make happen! He loves the arts and as a true Frenchman enjoys nothing more than a fine wine with cheese.

We take our legal obligations and Charity Commission expectations very seriously. These can best be summarised as six main approaches to how we conduct ourselves when acting as a Trustee Group on behalf of FVC, ensuring that:

  • what we do as FVC is in accordance with our Objectives;
  • we are complying with our governing documents and the law;
  • the decisions we make are in the best interest of FVC;
  • we manage resources responsibly;
  • we act with due care and skill;
  • FVC operates within a framework of accountability;

Much of the above is the what & how of the Trustee role, ensuring the crucial framework to fulfil what we see as the primary responsibility of Trustees (the why) – to provide the legal, financial and operational pillars of support, which enable FVC Leadership to pursue and promote the God given vision for FVC and to equip the fellowship to collectively and effectively participate in the journey.

This is Jo

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