Welcome to the worship page.

During this time when we cannot meet together in the usual way to worship corporately, we hope you can find some useful resources to explore different ways to worship at home.

Your will find 3 different types of videos/resources:

1 – Links to playlists

2 – Short videos on different topics/subjects to encourage you

3 – Worship at Home videos: One of our worship leaders will be leading us through 4 or 5 songs. The words are on the screen so that you can join in. See the information underneath the title to know the songs included and have a sense of the theme and choose the worship set you feel is right for that day.  May our God meet you powerfully as you draw near to him in your own home. I am excited at the delight in His heart as He sees us all individually joining with heaven and with each other (spiritually) in worship and praise. In this challenging time worship becomes our warfare and a spiritual space where we can be comforted, restored by The Father and where our perspective can be aligned with that of heaven.

Remember that there are lots of music videos with words on the screen, and videos of worship at conferences on Youtube and these can be wonderful to support your individual times of worship at home.

Updated Welcome from Jess:


Set 1 (Spotify)  – Songs we have sung a lot in our services in the past year!

Set 2 (Spotify) – Songs which are totally new or we have only sung a few times

NEW – Youth Band Playlist (Spotify) – A selection of songs chosen by the Youth Band for both the young and old!

Instrumental Music (Spotify) – Try these playlists if you would like worship music with no words: perhaps background music for a spiritual formation exercise or quiet time.
Vineyard Classics 1 (Spotify) –  Take a step back in time with one of these vineyard classics playlists
Vineyard Classics 2 (Spotify)

You may also want to check out music from:

  • Dave miller
  • Jason Upton
  • Hillsong
  • Bethel
  • Jonathan and Melissa Helser

And many more wonderful and gifted musicians….


Worship Posture

Perhaps worshipping at home with no one watching we can be less self-conscious, freer to express ourselves, and see what it feels like to use our posture differently in worship.

Budding musician?


Worship at Home – Set 14

Songs: Our God Saves, Great are You Lord, I Give You My Heart, Build My Life

Worship at Home – Set 13

Songs: Cornerstone, God I look to You, Majesty, I speak Jesus

Worship at Home – Set 12

Songs: Way Maker, God of Miracles, This is a Move

Worship at Home – Set 11

Songs: ’Child of God’, ‘Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord, ‘Leaning On The Everlasting Arms’

Worship at Home – Set 10

Songs: ’O Praise The Name (Anástasis)’, ‘What a Beautiful Name, ‘Be Thou my Vision’

Worship at Home – Set 9

Songs: ’10,000 Reasons’, ‘Your praise will ever be on my lips’, ‘I could sing of Your love forever’, ‘Goodness of God’

Worship at Home – Set 8

Songs: ‘Great are you Lord’, ‘Spirit Break Out’, ‘Amazing Grace’

Worship at Home – Set 7

Songs: ‘Raise a Hallelujah’, ‘I will Worship’, ‘The Stand’

Worship at Home – Set 6

Songs: ‘What a Beautiful Name’, ‘Tremble’, ‘’Who you Say I Am’

Worship at Home – Set 5

Songs: ‘Forever’, ‘Sovereign Over Us’, ‘Who you say I am’, ‘No longer slaves’, ‘You Restore my Soul’

Worship at Home – Set 4

Songs: ‘Hosanna’, ‘This is Amazing Grace’, ‘Forever’

Worship at Home – Set 3

Songs: ‘O Praise the Name’, ‘Spirit Break Out’, ‘Our Father’, ‘I adore You’

Worship at Home – Set 2

Songs: ‘Tremble’, ’This is Love’, ‘Set a Fire’, ‘Oceans’, ‘I surrender’

Worship at Home – Set 1

Songs: ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus’, ‘What a beautiful name’, ‘Waymaker

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