Church is going to look very different in the coming weeks – and Epic Kids is no exception.
One of our core values in Epic is that our children’s ministry is just as much ‘church’ as the stuff the adults do – and I don’t see this situation as any different.

So – just as the grown ups will be able to access the website, view the content and even comment on the Community page, we’ll do the same in Epic Kids.

Below is a short devotional that parents can do with their children. Remember that the biggest influence for our children’s faith is not what we do on a Sunday in Epic, but what you as their parents and carers do with them during the rest of the week.

I hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged as you spend some time with your children and Jesus together to see how amazing your children are!

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Epic challenge

Week 2

On Mothers Day, I was supposed to have been seeing my mum and going out for lunch – but we couldn’t do that…. It was still a lovely day though and the sun was shining so I decided to get out in the garden and do some weeding.

Last year, I weeded all the beds in the garden and they looked really lovely – but then the weather got colder and it rained a lot and I didn’t spend any time in the garden weeding… and the weeds came and grew. I hadn’t asked them to, and I certainly didn’t plant any weeds – but they covered the entire flower bed.

It made me think about how if we don’t keep our hearts clean and connected to Jesus, weeds can creep into our hearts without us even knowing or realising.

Imagine that inside of you is a garden.

When you have God’s love inside, it fills the garden with beautiful flowers.

Now, imagine someone is horrible to you or hurts you in some way… that can plant something different inside you, and that thing can be like a weed.

Today, we’re going to think about how to take out those weeds that have grown inside of us and how we can keep treating people nicely even though they might have hurt us.


Bible Story

David and Saul
(Based on 1 Samuel 18 – 1 Samuel 26)

David served King Saul faithfully. David was kind and thoughtful to everyone he met. He was also brave, leading Saul’s army to victory again and again. However, King Saul became jealous of David because he thought people liked David more than him.

It made King Saul so mad he tried to kill David, not just once, but many times. David’s best friend warned David and David escaped to live in caves in the hillside. No matter what tricks Saul tried, David didn’t give in but he also never said a nasty thing about Saul.

David had the chance many times to hurt King Saul but he chose not to. He told everyone who would listen that God had chosen King Saul and that he, David, wouldn’t go against God. So even though Saul was making David’s life really hard, he didn’t try and hit back or even talk about him behind his back. David is really sensible in this part of the Bible; he doesn’t give Saul the chance to hurt him. He protects himself by making sure he hides from Saul. David doesn’t worry about how to get Saul back or how to get his role back in the palace. David lets God sort out these things. Then David is crowned king when Saul dies.

So – what can we learn from this story?

In the story of David and Saul, David chooses again and again to think the best of Saul. He doesn’t let Saul hurt him and he goes into hiding to move away from Saul to keep himself safe. Even though Saul is being bad and doing nasty things, he still treats Saul as a person loved by God.

David has the chance to kill Saul and stop Saul from hunting him but he doesn’t. When others tell him to hurt Saul he reminds them Saul is loved by God, chosen by Him. He doesn’t even let other people talk in a nasty way about Saul and David’s own words about Saul are kind.

How did David do that? How did he manage not to get mad at Saul? How did he stop himself telling other people that Saul was a bad person?

Well, I think David did three things:

• First, he made a choice; he chose only to speak good things about Saul.

• Second, he didn’t let any weeds grow in his heart. When Saul tried to hurt him or said nasty things about him, David did something we can all do. David chatted to God about it. We know he did this because the words he said to God are written in a book of the Bible called Psalms. In these songs and poems David told God how hurt he felt, he told God what was happening, how people were trying to hunt him down. He told God everything.

• Third, after He chatted to God. He let God come and take those weeds out of his heart. He understood how God felt about Saul. He heard from God again and again till those weeds had been pulled out of his heart by God, until his heart was only full of love again.

1. You are at school and your best pencil has gone missing. It’s not in your pencil case, it’s not in your tray; you can’t find it anywhere. On another table is a girl who has a pencil just like yours.

• What things might you be thinking about her?
• What might you do?

How would you feel now, when you get up and notice your pencil has rolled off the table and under a cupboard?

2. You are at the playground and another child pushes past you and knocks you over.
• What things might you think about them?
• What might you do?
How would you feel now if you found out that the child was running to help her sister who had fallen off the climbing frame but you hadn’t seen this?

3. You have a friend in your street and you often go round to their house to play. Every time you go round, the friend is nice to start with but when you are playing without any grown-ups nearby, they call you names • What might you think about them?
• What would you do to keep yourself safe?
• How would you look after your heart?


Find some space and maybe put on some quiet music.

Close your eyes and chat to God in your head. Ask him to show you any weeds in your heart that need to come out. He might even remind you of something that has happened or of a person you might need to forgive.

Now, if you can, ask your mum or dad to pray with you and ask Jesus to come into the picture. Ask Jesus to take the weed out of your heart. Ask him to come and replace the weed with a beautiful flower.

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Week 2 colouring page

Week 1

Epic Kids – Sunday 22nd March 2020

Last week in Epic Kids, we talked about the story of Joshua and how Joshua and Caleb believed God but the 10 other spies didn’t.

Here’s a short devotional to follow on from what we did last week:


Read Joshua 2:1-14


  1. How did Rahab help the spies
  2. What was God’s plan for Rahab
  3. Why should you trust God’s plan for you?

Sometimes, things don’t make sense.  Sometimes we can wonder why things happen.

What we need to always remember is that God is bigger than anything we come up against.

Rahab recognised that God was in charge.  In verse 11, she says to the spies: “For the Lord your God is the supreme God of the heavens above and the earth below”.  She knew that it was better for her to trust in the Lord than to trust in the King of Jericho.

When things seem uncertain (like now, we can’t go to church, schools are closing and the shelves in the shops are empty!) we should remember that God is still in charge.  God is faithful and will never let us down.  God loves us and has a plan for each of us.  God had a plan for Rahab and she helped the spies that Joshua sent into Jericho.   What plans does God have for you?

Spend some time asking God what plans he has for you today?

Start by praying:

“Dear God, thank you that you have good plans for me.  Thank you that I can always trust you when everything else seems uncertain.  Help me to trust you more and hear your voice.”

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Epic Kids Sunday 22nd March

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