Living Free

Living Free is a six-week course that introduces us to the ministry of Jesus though biblical truth.  It is essential training for effective discipleship.

unleashDuring the course we learn more about the love God has for us, the reality of spiritual warfare and the power that Jesus has to set us completely free.  We will learn to take personal responsibility for our own issues (sins) thereby freeing us up to impact those around us.  Although 'Living Free' helps us to perosnally grow spiritually, it is essentially encouraging us to be outward focussed. The six sessions will deal with such topics as:
  • God's original design for each one of us
  • Our world has two realms
  • Understanding power and authority
  • Understanding strongholds
  • Demolishing strongholds and learning to live free
  • The Overcoming Church
More details can be found on the Living Free website